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You can put all kinds of stuff here, though I’m not sure what. Maybe a little bit about one of those things you do that’s so cool?

We call it LookHype what you think!!

You are bored, annoyed and irritated with stupid ads? It is for you. We do not have any plan to add ads.

Oh, and finally ...

Yes all this cool stuff!! is FREE.

So what's this all about?

This is Lookhype, a free and fully functional Email service by Lookhype It’s built on a Cool thought, which means it’s easy and works very nicely and fast on your devices (try it for yourself -- just send us SMS or Whatsapp your Name). Like it happened for others your Email will be created, Lookhype is free service provided by Lookhype, so feel free to use it for pretty much anything you want (be it a personal project or a commercial venture), just don’t forget to credit us!

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